Extraordinary and elective assembly CKI

Assemblea elettiva CKWI

Extraordinary and elective assembly CKI

Extraordinary and elective assembly CKI 1080 810 Locals Crew ASD

On March 7, 2021 was held in Cagliari at the new headquarters of the Kiteboarding Class Italy to Ichnusa Pier, the ‘extraordinary assembly and elective CKI. During the meeting of the members took stock of the situation of the past four years and held the elections of the new Executive for the Olympic quadrennium 2021-24 that will bring for the first time kiteboarding at the Olympics in Paris 2024.

During the extraordinary and elective assembly CKI voted the change of the statute to welcome the new disciplines of kiteboarding sports such as Wing-Sport and SnowKite that are gaining more and more ground in Italy and in the world.

Women are also officially represented with the election of Agnese Gargiulo as Councillor, who has been active in the Class for years as Delagato and Regatta Officer.

Below is the official press release of the CKI extraordinary and elective assembly.

“Mirco Babini confirmed as President of the Olympic Kite Class.

Elected the new Executive of the Kiteboarding Class and Wingsport Italy for the four-year period 2021/2024.

Were held the extraordinary and ordinary meetings of the CKWI, more than 50 members entitled to vote and 36 those voting among those present, convened at the great hall of the Federal Center FIV at the cruise terminal, Ichnusa pier in Cagliari, delegates and present remotely.
A very important step forward that after 12 years of long journey has brought the Class to be one of the examples of teamwork at international level, always ahead with ideas and ready to organize many activities and high level. With the approval of the new statute in the extraordinary assembly, the class changes its name to become Kiteboarding Class and Wingsport Italia inserting among its activities the disciplines of Wing-Sport and SnowKite: another substantial change concerns the increase of the number of directors in the board.
During the ordinary meeting, chaired by a founding member present at the meeting, we proceeded, after the report of President Babini and the approval of the Economic and Financial Report 2020, voting to elect the new president and the new board of directors: for the first time we held online voting that allowed everyone to express their preferences with a few clicks on their cell phone: at the end of the voting session the new CKWI board is composed as follows

President: Mirco Babini
Directors: Claudio Alessandrello, Luca Valentini, Sergio Cantagalli, Agnese Gargiulo, Eddy Piana and Niccolò De Simone.

At the end of the vote, the newly elected president informed those present that a merit scholarship will be awarded to 6 athletes in the youth category who participated in internships and training activities, and then proceeded with the presentation of the National and International Calendars.

The assembly ended with the President’s speech that exposed the new Class organization chart with the inclusion of the sector commissions and the class representations on the areas of the national territory for an interaction with the territorial organs of the Federation.”


This is the report of the extraordinary and elective assembly of the CKI that enters into the full four-year Olympic period 2021-2024 with many events and competitions at national and international level.