Fuerteventura Kite Camp 2021

Fuerteventura Kite Camp 2021

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 Fuerteventura Kite Camp 2021

The Fuerteventura Kite Camp, organized by Locals Crew, was born from a chat between friends with a great desire to surf the ocean and start traveling again after more than a year of pandemic.

In the group of Locals Crew the word spread immediately about a trip to a Fuerteventura Kite Camp. Before long there were 14 of us. In a short time we booked flights, cars and above all a magnificent and spacious villa in Lajares ideal as headquarters.

Here we go …

We embarked from Naples with a direct flight, we had 14 suitcases and 5 sport packs and various backpacks and bags, it was not easy but everyone gave a hand and in a few hours we landed in Fuerteventura.

We were greeted by 27 degrees, sunshine and a light breeze that heralded a windy week. We loaded the cars and headed for home, a villa in the small, quiet town of Lajares in the north of the island, halfway between the more famous towns of Corralejo and Cotillo. We spent the first day relaxing, unpacking and preparing our equipment for the next day. The villa is located right on the slopes of an  extinct volcano….. so we decided to explore it, the path to the top is moderately challenging but the view from the top is simply fantastic, you can see the sea and all the villages around, the landscape is desert almost Martian.


Day 1

First real day of sea and kite we spent at Flag Beach, a huge beach ideal to get acclimatized with 15/17 knots! The spot is always very crowded with beginners taking kitesurfing lessons. End of the session with a beer in one of the bars that overlook the small beach in the center of Corralejo.

Day 2

On the 2nd day the wind conditions seem to be more interesting, with an average of about 20 knots and the first waves! For today, however, the group decides to split, some opt for the lagoon of Sotavento south of the island which is about 1.5 hours from Lajares super easy conditions with flat water and shallow ideal for progress, the only negative note is the quality of wind, off shore and very gusty, the second group opts for the spot of the Tolston Lighthouse, spot more challenging with an area of flat water and several peaks of wave formed about 1.5 meters at the ends of the bay but with rocks in the wind. We liked both spots very much and to celebrate we had a BBQ and cerveza in the villa with music and Kite video on TV.

Mornings in Fuerteventura are cool and quiet, the sun is showing up later also because of 1h of time zone, stores and cafes open not before 10:00 keeping a slow and relajado rhythm typical of island life.

Many of the spots we visited are a bit isolated with few services on the beach, in fact, in addition to a hearty breakfast is advisable to bring with you a sandwich of fruit and water for any eventuality.

Day 3

Already in the morning the third day promises to be epic. This time the group left together again for the Sotavento lagoon for a morning session with 25 knots, it was fantastic to surf the waves outside the lagoon that with offshore wind closed slowly and sprayed salt water in your face, a unique feeling that makes you feel alive.

The day doesn’t end here, two of us moved to Puerto Lajas for the second session of the day. The spot is a bay north of Puerto del Rosario, it is characterized by 3 peaks, two at the end and one in the middle of the bay. They are the play ground of an endless series of waves from 2 to 3mt. perfect on the reef and of an embarrassing quality and power. The 25 knot side off shore wind did the rest. Surfing these gently rolling hills of water are so long you can surf for hundreds of feet! 

We return home in the dark, destroyed but happy!


Day 4

We were so excited that the next morning we decided to return to Puerto Lajas with even stronger conditions. We were aware this time of the potential of the spot. If you also want to surf in Parte Lajas we suggest you to get out from the beach of the village, more comfortable and less crowded than Locals. The spot is very crowded, especially on Sundays, so if you don’t want any problems respect your turn to enter the wave area and respect the precedence.
Meanwhile, the rest of the group spent the morning at Flag beach. We decide to join them for a second afternoon session of defatigue after the waves and the wind of Puerto Lajas.. 

The spot of Flag beach is characterized by a long beach at the ends of which there are two reefs, the one to the south generates the most interesting waves to surf with a north wind. At low tide it is not practicable because of the rocks that emerge. 

The Grand Final

Also the last day we decide to spend it in Flag beach this time however with a little more slowness. CConfident of a better forecast in the afternoon, but perhaps a little tired and fed up with the powerful wind of the past few days. In the afternoon, the surprise, the wind rose again today up to 18 knots. Everyone in the water for another day of kitesurfing of this wonderful kitecamp.

The last day, with no wind, is dedicated to shopping and putting the equipment in the suitcases. A ritual that marks the end of this Fuerteventura Kite Camp.

See you soon for another Locals Crew Camp in the best kite and surf spots in the world! 

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