Kite surf lesson in Salento – individual or group?

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Kite surf lesson in Salento – individual or group?

Kite surf lesson in Salento – individual or group? 1200 798 Locals Crew ASD

Kite surfing Lesson in Salento : Individual or group?

Which Kite Surfing lesson to choose?

Locals Crew’s kite surfing lesson in Salento is available in two modes: individual or group. Which is the best lesson?

Locals Crew group lessons have a maximum of 3 people per instructor with equipment to share. On average, lessons last 2 hours for individual lessons and 3 hours for group lessons not to exceed the threshold of flattening of the learning curve, beyond this threshold the physical and mental performance drops considerably, fatigue sets in, reflexes drop and you risk making more mistakes.  


What are the aspects to consider in order to choose the right lesson?

There are various aspects to analyze in order to be able to recommend the best course to a future kiteboarder, let’s go in order. The progression in learning, although different from person to person, depends on the hours of practice. For this reason, individual lessons are more intense also from a physical point of view. On the other hand, however, the group lesson offers the possibility of learning by observing the mistakes of others. In addition, it is less tiring because you can rest between exercises.

What are the psychological factors to determine the most suitable lesson for us? The fundamental factors are the expectation and motivation that drives us to attend a kitesurfing course. There are those who are determined to learn this sport right away and therefore will probably take an individual lesson, while others are looking for an experience that can be shared with a partner, family or group of friends.

Another aspect to take into consideration is the cost of the lesson, which is higher for individual lessons, but with the group lesson you usually save around 35% because the cost is spread over several people.

Group courses are effective if they are composed of people who have the same starting level and a similar learning ability. If this is not the case, the most talented will have to wait for those who are left behind, limiting their potential.

Which course is best suited to your expectations? 

Find out with us!