Kitesurf Spot Frassanito – Salento

Frassanito Kite Spot

Kitesurf Spot Frassanito – Salento

Kitesurf Spot Frassanito – Salento 800 600 Locals Crew ASD

Kitesurf Spot Frassanito – Apulia

Kitesurf spot Frassanito in Apulia: it is located along the Adriatic coast and it is a great spot for all those who love to have fun in the waves. Discover it with us!

How does it look like and who is suitable for the spot of Frassanito?

The kitesurf spot of Frassanito, became famous thanks to the windsurfers who go there for the perfect waves is one of the best spots to practice kitesurfing wave and surf. The beach is almost non-existent and mixed with rocks and pits, this implies that this spot is suitable only for experienced riders.

What is the seasonality of Frassanito spot?

It is possible to kitesurf in the spot of Frassanito in Salento with the departure from the beach all year round. Especially in summer, however, is very difficult to mount the equipment and launch the kite because of the complete absence of beach and rocks in the water. As we have already said only for real experts.

What equipment is recommended for the Frassanito spot?

The Frassanito spot works very well with winds from the North and Southeast. With the tramontana wind there are very good waves to surf on. During the winter in this spot the wind blows with a speed ranging from 15 to 35 knots. In summer the intensity is lower but still with a very good frequency and an intensity between 13 and 22 knots.
According to these conditions, for the kitesurf spot of Frassanito it’s better to have wings suitable for wave that are between 7 and 10 meters.

What can I do in the Frassanito spot: Free-ride, Wave, Freestyle or Big Air?

The Frassanito spot is ideal for wave, especially when the wind blows from North Northwest.
N.B. we advise you to pay attention to the presence of rocks on the beach and on the seabed.

Where can I rent kitesurf equipment?

Although our school is open all year round we do not offer equipment rental service in this spot.

Kitesurf spot Frassanito

Is the rescue/recovery service guaranteed in the Frassanito spot?

The rescue service is not guaranteed.

If I came with my family, what services would I have at my disposal?

The Frassanito spot is located along the Adriatic coast and in the immediate vicinity of the spot there is a camping and a beach, while just 12km to the south there is the city of Otranto where you can find services such as bars, restaurants, beach service, shower, bathroom, accommodation, parking, etc..

Is there an accommodation near the spot of Frassanito?

As we said in the previous answer, the spot of Frassanito is very close to a camping that offers the possibility of accommodation, while if you want to find a different accommodation from the camping you could go to Otranto where there are many possibilities of accommodation.

How can I reach the spot of Frassanito?

You can reach the spot of Frassanito by car, you just have to follow the indications for “Campeggio Frassanito”. The parking lot is quite close to the beach and on a windy day you will see many kiters and windsurfers in the water.

N.B. during the summer period it could be difficult to find parking.