Kitesurf Spot San Foca – Salento

Corso Kitesurf in Salento - San Foca

Kitesurf Spot San Foca – Salento

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IThe Kitesurf spot of San Foca in Salento is one of the spots on the Adriatic coast where to go when the wind blows from the northern quadrants. Discover it with us!

How is the spot of San Foca and who is it suitable for?

The beach of San Foca spot is not very wide and in some places you might find stones. This does not make it the best spot for beginners, but its exposure to the wind makes it suitable for experienced riders.

What is the seasonality of San Foca spot?

The possibility of kitesurfing in the spot of San Foca in Salento with the departure from the beach is strictly related to the winter period (September-May).

What equipment is recommended for the spot of San Foca?

The spot of San Foca in Salento is one of the best on the Adriatic coast when the north wind (tramontana) or mistral (NW) blows, during the summer season works well even with a thermal wind intensity from 15 to 20 knots direction East-South-East but the frequency is rare. The sea conditions vary from wavy to very wavy with the tramontana instead is almost flat with mistral and thermal ESE.
During the summer season the wind blows with an intensity between 13 and 22 knots, during the winter can reach 30 knots.
According to these conditions, for the kitesurf spot of San Foca, the most used wings during the summer are 12 or 9 while in winter we recommend the 7.

 What can I do in San Foca spot: Free-ride, Wave, Freestyle or Big Air?

The San Foca spot is ideal for any style of surfing, but not particularly suitable for wave.
N.B. we advise you to pay attention to the presence of stones on the beach and on the seabed.

Where can I rent kitesurf equipment?

Our school is open all year round with the service of renting equipment of excellent quality.

Is the rescue/recovery service guaranteed in the San Foca spot?

The rescue service is not guaranteed.

If I came with my family, what services would I have at my disposal?

The spot of San Foca in Salento is located along the Adriatic coast and is situated near the Natural Reserve of “Le Cesine” this makes it a “wild” place. While in the summer period it is possible to find open beaches with different services such as bar, restaurant, beach service, shower, bathroom, parking, etc., these services are not guaranteed in the winter period.

Is there an accommodation near the San Foca spot?

In the area there are several solutions such as camping, b&b, farms; villages and resorts are not so common.

How can I reach the spot of San Foca?

You can reach the spot of San Foca by car, from the East ring road of Lecce take exit 8B, then just follow the signs to San Foca, just before the village you will find the signs to Lido Le Cesine. Parking for cars is quite close to the beach but during the summer it fills up easily.