Water sports between benefits and well-being

Water sports between benefits and well-being

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Water sports between benefits and well-being

Water sports are a real concentration of benefits and well-being due to their anti-stress effect on our body and mind.

Learning kitesurfing as well as windsurfing, surfing or wakeboarding is not as difficult as some might think. Before venturing out on your own, it is always good to take a course with qualified and certified instructors. Lovers of speed and adrenaline are naturally attracted and more likely to learn quickly and well, but they are also suitable for the more timid.

These sports can literally change the way you understand life.

When we talk about water sports between benefits and well-being, we must consider some fundamental components. First and foremost is the psycho-motor component. It is the basis of these sports that are not just muscles, in fact in some cases require a lot of technique and precision. To fully understand how these sports positively affect our bodies we divide them into three groups: physical, mental and social.

The Benefit of water sports

The physical benefits of water sports:

  • They tone the muscles: the muscles most stressed are all the muscles of the trunk, legs and shoulders, but the whole body is involved in the action.
  • Fitness weight: They help maintain a healthy weight. They are anaerobic sports that make the heart and body work at a heart rate that allows us to burn fat sooner and faster, such as cycling or running.
  • Breathing: the iodine we breathe in the sea makes you live a better life, promoting the functioning of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

The mental benefits of water sports:

  • Improve concentration. We train the mind to memorize the sequences of movements. Improving reflexes, discovering muscles you didn’t know you had, we develop a more effective motor coordination.
  • Regenerates the spirit. Contact with the forces of nature such as the sea and the wind increase the production of adrenaline, serotonin and dopamine in our body. They give us a feeling of pleasure and psychological well-being.
  • Anti-stress. Adrenaline helps us to put aside the problems and tensions of everyday life, strengthens the immune system and helps us in everyday life.

The social benefits of water sports:

  • Environment: promoting a sustainable society attentive to environmental problems and educating children to respect nature.
  • Tourism: they promote the sustainable discovery of the territories in a touristic and sporting key.

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