Wing Foil Course in Salento? You are in the right place

Corso di Wing Foil in Salento

Wing Foil Course in Salento? You are in the right place

Wing Foil Course in Salento? You are in the right place 1600 533 Locals Crew ASD

The Wingfoil course with locals crew in Apulia

First steps in Wing Foil ?

The Wing foil is experiencing an extraordinary spread in the world of water sports, it is a mix between windsurfing, kitesurfing and foilboarding. But what is the best way to learn Wingfoil? Below we talk about how it is structured Wing Foil Base Course of Locals Crew in Salento.

To learn well and safely you have to rely on those who intend to teach, turn to certified instructors with proven ability and technical knowledge, members of sports associations affiliated with  national sport federation and officially recognized by CONI.

The WingFoil uses a wing to generate propulsion and a foil board to navigate, for this reason we have developed a step by step teaching method suitable for those who have never had experience with other water sports, thanks to the partnership with Duotone Sports we can count on the latest equipment and quality essential for a fast progression.

This sport involves all the muscles of the body, a specific physical training even at a basic level is highly recommended; starting every training session with a 10-15 minutes warm-up is fundamental.

The structure of a Wing Foil Course ?

The course of Wing Foil and more generally the lessons of Locals Crew are suitable for children from 10 years and adults.
It starts with a brief theoretical introduction on meteorology, airplane and hydrodynamics, description of the characteristics of the equipment focusing on safety and structuring the progression based on the back ground of the sport and personal student. The secret is to have a standard method to be adapted to each individual student.

First step

Management of the wing on the ground to become familiar with the use of the wing in power. You will learn to perform the pumping and the passage of the wing tack, which must be done with a predetermined sequence of crossing hands. We start with a small wing of 2 or 3 meters and then increase the size up to 5 or 6 meters depending on the intensity of the wind.

As in all sailing sports, a wing or sail varies its power and management according to its speed of movement. In order to understand how this mechanism starts, remaining focused mainly on the management of the wing, the first navigations are carried out on stable boards with drift and large capacity. For example, as the windsurf school boards.  From the beginning it is essential to learn how to navigate in different gaits, maybe starting with a slack and then arriving at the windward, experimenting with the reaction of the wing to the various gaits depending on the angle of incidence of the wing to the wind.

Subsequently ….

The next step concerns the use of the foil board that, for those who have never used it, could be more complicated to learn without a stable and controlled propulsion. For this reason we use a motor boat to tow the student, like wakeboarding, starting with the take off and continuing with the first glides in constant flight. It ‘s very important to learn to change direction by acting on the unbalance of the body and then varying the pressure on the heels or toes.

Once acquired the right practicality of both wing and foilboard, we are ready to put everything together.
The awareness of the correct functioning of board and wing will help us from the beginning to navigate constantly in flight on our board.


In Summary during the WingFoil Course acquire the fundamentals of safety and proper navigation. Such as the analysis of marine weather conditions, the technique of self rescue, up to the beach ordinances and laws governing water sports. Especially during the bathing season, it is no longer enough to say “I didn’t know” when we are stopped by the Port Authority.

We are convinced that WingFoil will be as successful as and maybe more than kitesurfing for three main reasons

Safety: compared to kitesurfing but also to windsurfing the equipment is more manageable and safer to use. In case of need the sail can be totally closed and retracted on the boom. The most dangerous aspect is the foil, be careful with your legs when swimming near it, always use a helmet when you go foil.

Transport: all the equipment is smaller than a windsurf, it is comparable to a kitesurf equipment but it can be assembled faster and especially in much less space. It can be comfortably transported by car without the need of a carrier.

Versatility: thanks to the foil you can practice WingFoil already from 8/10 knots and given the small size it doesn’t have the limitation of having to start only from the beach as the kitesurf.

Come visit us in Salento, live the emotion of Wingfoil with Locals Crew!