Windsurf Spot Gallipoli – Salento

Windsurf in Salento

Windsurf Spot Gallipoli – Salento

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Windsurf Spot of Gallipoli

The Baia Verde windsurf spot (Gallipoli) in Salento is an excellent spot for windsurfing in total safety and therefore also for beginners. Baia verde in Gallipoli is one of our home spots throughout the year. Ideal for those who want to learn and practice this sport. Discover our courses

How does the Gallipoli spot look like and who is it suitable for?

The Baia Verde kitesurf spot in Gallipoli is one of our winter home spots. The bay is wide and the beach, which is not very deep, is of fine sand. Easy to reach by parking along the coast road, this spot is suitable for everyone.

What is the seasonality of the Gallipoli spot?

It is possible to practice windsurfing in the Baia Verde spot in Salento all year round. In the summer period, the regional bathing ordinance and the overcrowding of the beaches allow windsurfing to leave the beach only from authorized launch corridors. However, we at Locals Crew offer service at the launch corridor of our sea base near the Ecoresort Le Sirenè.

What equipment is recommended for the Gallipoli spot?

The Baia Verde spot in Salento works very well with the south wind which usually, in winter, reaches an average speed between 18 and 30 knots. Also in winter, during the storms, waves are formed that can reach even a couple of metres. Based on these conditions, for the kitesurf spot of Baia Verde in Gallipoli in the winter period it is advisable to have wings with a size that varies between 3.5 and 5 meters. During the summer the wind is less strong. However, during the summer the north wind offers some nice outings with 20 knots and off shore direction.

What can I do in the Gallipoli spot: Free-ride, Wave, or Freestyle?

During the summer, the Baia Verde spot is ideal for freeride and freestyle. During the winter period it is also possible to practice the wave with wind from South South East.

Where can I rent windsurfing equipment?

Our school is open all year round also with the high quality equipment rental service. In particular, we rent the equipment directly on the beach at the Ecoresort Le Sirenè from June to September.

Is the rescue/recovery service guaranteed in the Gallipoli spot?

The rescue service is guaranteed only during the summer period.

If I came with my family, what services would I have at my disposal?

The Baia Verde spot in Gallipoli is located on the coast road to Mancaversa and is located just 3km from its center. While in the summer period services such as bars, restaurants, beach service, showers, bathrooms are present in the spot thanks to the presence of numerous beaches and accommodation facilities, in the winter period it is necessary to move around the city.

Is there an accommodation near the Gallipoli spot?

As we specified in the previous answer, the Baia Verde spot is located on the seafront of the city of Gallipoli just 3 km away from its center. The proximity to Gallipoli makes the possibilities for accommodation numerous and very diversified throughout the year. Furthermore, the Ecoresort Le Sirenè is a hotel overlooking the sea, really convenient for families with children.

How do I reach the Gallipoli spot?

You can reach the Gallipoli Baia Verde spot by car. During the winter, just follow the signs for Gallipoli and then the signs for the “Baia Verde” area.