Physical preparation for Wingfoil

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Physical preparation for Wingfoil

Physical preparation for Wingfoil 1600 533 Locals Crew ASD

Physical preparation for Wingfoil

Why an adequate physical preparation helps the practice of Wingfoil?

Wingfoil is a water sport that requires adequate physical preparation, requiring specific training of an intensity proportional to the level we want to achieve. In this article we will focus specifically on physical preparation for beginners approaching wingfoil for the first time.

If we compare Wingfoil to other water sports, we can say that this sport requires a physical preparation of medium intensity, in fact Wingfoil training requires a greater physical effort than kitesurfing but comparable to windsurfing and surfing.

Which muscles are mostly involved in Wingfoil

The muscle areas most involved in wingfoil are: shoulders, arms, back, abdomen and to a lesser extent the legs. In fact, the traction generated by the wing is supported by the arms that through the trunk and legs transfer the force to the board. Even if the wingfoil in navigation requires to our muscles an anaerobic effort of low/medium intensity, in the starting phase it needs explosive power for the pumping of sail and board. The muscle groups involved are the deltoids and upper pectorals, trapezius, biceps and triceps, back and lumbar, abdominals and most of the muscles of the legs. Wingfoil is a physically complete sport that involves all the muscles of the body so we recommend a total body workout.


Locals Crew Wingfoil courses in Salento include a complete muscular warm up to prepare the muscles for the physical effort of training and to break a little bit the breath. For this reason we have started a collaboration with some experts in the sports and athletic field to provide you with a training sheet dedicated to Wingfoil and prepare you physically even out of the water.

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